DCMC (Desperado Crash Mambo Combo)


DCMC (Desperado Crash Mambo Combo) is the band of the Nowhere Islands. They are the Mother 3 version of the Runaway five. Their favorite saying is Tonda Gossa! They're based off the real live band AC/DC.

[edit] Appearances

DCMC first appears when Lucas and Boney enter Club Titiboo. It was rumoured that the bass player, Lucky, resembled Duster, who had disappeared three years ago. As such, Lucas and Boney enter the club and find Kumatora, disguised as Violet, a waitress in the club.

DCMC plays a remix of the Pigmask theme song, and leaves. Lucas and Boney then go through the attic to meet up with Kumatora, who explained the situation to the other DCMC members. After playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (which they call Stone, Sheet, Clippers), where Lucas wins, the band says goodbye to Duster, who joins Lucas and company in search for the Hummingbird Egg. The band plays a farewell song for Duster, who leaves his wig in front of the doors to the stage.

DCMC later reappears at New Pork City. They said that they hadn't done so well without Duster, so they ask him to play one last concert with them, to which he agrees. The band even brought Duster's wig with them.

The band plays, and after the concert ends, they aren't seen until later.

After Porky attacks the team with Porky Clones, DCMC appears and takes out the clones, in the same way the Runaway Five helped Ness' and company in a similar situation. After the events that proceed, DCMC isn't seen again in the storyline.

[edit] Members

OJ - Leader, saxophonist
Lucky (Duster) - Bassist
Magic - Guitarist
Shimmy Zmizz - Pianist
Baccio - Drummer

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