Clumsy Robot

Clumsy Robots are enemies found in the Monotoli Building. They act as the boss of the building.


[edit] Appearance

Clumsy Robots appear as worn-down

[edit] Battle information

[edit] Moves in battle

  • Applying a bandage. (Does nothing)
  • Firing a missle, making itself dizzy. (Causes major damage)
  • Loses some gear and bolts. (Does nothing)
  • Stumbles and fires a strange beam. (Does nothing)
  • Cleans the whole area. (Does nothing)
  • Eats a bologne sandwich. (Says to heal to full HP, but actually does nothing)
  • Reeling. (Does nothing)
  • wobbles. (Does nothing)
  • Wants to go and get a battery. (Does nothing)

[edit] Pre and post battle information

Before battle, the Clumsy Robot says "Ping! Clankety clankety... Rattle rattle dwourrrrrr!... Squeeeek, tweet tweet... CLANK!!". It acts as a boss.

After enough time passes, the Runaway Five rush into the room and turn the robot off.

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