Club Titiboo

Club Titiboo

Club Titiboo is an area that DCMC plays in. This area is well-known 3 Years after Duster disappears. Due to them finding Duster, or Lucky, they become very famous and start playing here. This spot has a huge attic with little mice eating at a table, rejected band instruments, and different things. In that room, there are also many presents that will help heal you. Mainly Particular Cheese, which is probably what the Mice were eating at that time.

Here you will also find Kumatora, and her alter ego Violet (In japanese, Yoshi-koshi) Silly Mario reference aside, She takes Lucas to her room to heal and then to enter the attic. Here, you will find a Frog. She'll go talk to the other band members, explaining Duster's/Lucky's amnesia situation while Lucas finds a way through the attic to get in. You will have to play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (called Stone, Sheets, Clippers in this game) to get Duster back in the party. If they win, they keep Lucky. Although this never happens. If you choose the wrong sign, something distracts them and makes them try again. If you are really having trouble, you can ask the other band members what they always pick, because they always will pick that. The trouble is remembering who is who while you are doing this.

In the attic, you will find a Jealous Bass. He isn't too hard, but since you are only Lucas and Boney, and you don't have many good PSI Moves, this battle can be a little challenging. All that you really have to do is use PK Love and a bomb to get rid of the back instruments, then start bashing the Jealous Bass. Good equipment, healing items, and bombs usually do help for any battle, and that goes for this battle as well.

The only way to get here is by following the train tracks from Tazmily Village, and working part-time for the Clayman Lab. Afterwards, you'll get a ticket to go to Club Titiboo, and you'll be able to reach the area by going up from the lab, then riding a zip cord. You'll be up there then. Watch out for the very small amount of enemies while going up though. This area is also used later in the game to get to the Chimera Lab.

After a while, This place will become deserted due to DCMC losing Lucky and not playing there ever again. This pretty much happens right after Lucky/Duster leaves, so you can visit it anytime while in Tazmily Village. Do have a heart and give it one last look when you go around pulling needles in chapter 7 won't you?

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