Place of BirthTazmily Village
AgeChapter 1: 9
Chapters Beyond: 12
FamilyLucas (Twin brother), Flint (Father), Hinawa (Mother), Alec (Grandfather)
WeaponLightning sword, Arm cannon.
Appears inMother 3

Claus is the older twin brother of Lucas. He is more outgoing than his younger twin brother, and always wants to go play around, while Lucas wants to stay inside due to him being timid and scared. Claus is also an Anagram of the name Lucas.

[edit] Appearances

Claus has only appeared in Mother 3, but Lucas has an alternate costume in Super Smash Bros Brawl that looks exactly like Claus. He has no special abilities, or taunts. He doesn't do anything different while in this alternate costume.

[edit] Backstory

One day, Claus and his family are leaving their grandparent's house, and they get attacked by a Drago. Hinawa is found dead, but the twins are still alive. After they have returned home, Claus goes into the mountains to find the Drago and kill it. He mysteriously disappears on this journey though, so that is how the entire game starts.

In game he is known to be able to use PK Love, just like Lucas. The Magypsy Aeolia seems to be responsible for Claus's ability to use it.

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