Chupichupyoi Temple

The Chupichupyoi Temple is the last place you will visit in Chapter 7. Here, another one of the Seven Needles is found. There are no enemies inside the temple, and there are usually not any enemies outside of the temple, but the only time that this area plays a major role in the game, there are Pigmasks here. This is where the first Masked Man battle occurs.

[edit] Appearance

This area looks like a huge temple, but it is covered in vines. You must use a special water to open the temple door. It is orange, and is located at the top of a small mountain. Inside the temple, it has three small layers of Earth that you have to walk up in order to get to the shrine that holds the Needle. There is nothing else that really should be pointed out.

This area only appears in Mother 3.

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