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[edit] Wait up and...

Gosh slow down Lukaeu. XD BTW, Karis is getting a little cold... ~Flippy

    Sorry. XD Really? He seems the same to me. :3 Maybe he thought I'd stop helpinng out on the Wiki? ~Lukaeu

[edit] From Light to dark

He's gotten to be a little...Sensitive?~Flippy
Hmm... Maybe he has something going on in life, I get sensitive when I'm in a bad mood. ~Lukaeu

[edit] Corruption

I think I know why. I won't say though.~Flippy

[edit] Say it to me then


    And you are? ~Lukaeu

A ticked off Ms. Marshmallow...I mean Karis. ~Flippy

    Lawl, the Origins clan seems to be getting slower... :3 ~Lukaeu

[edit] I can't