Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz Dying

Buzz Buzz is a heroic bug from the future. He appears in Mother 2, telling Ness that he was the Chosen One to defeat a terrible monster known as Giygas, who is known in Japan as Giegue with one girl and two other boys. They are Paula, Jeff, and Poo.

Soon after, he goes down the hill to return Picky to his house, and they meet a Starman, known as Starman Jr. Buzz Buzz will interact in this battle, so it is impossible to be defeated, but he does not have any HP or PP, and he will always attack. After the battle, you return Picky, and Buzz Buzz gets squashed by Pokey's and Picky's mother. He will then give you the Sound Stone, which allows you to go through the game.

It is thought that Buzz Buzz is actually Ninten, Due to a line of text in the final boss' fight.

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