Burglin Park

Burglin Park is an area located in Twoson. It's a small park, with many different vendors trying to sell you items for your journey. You also meet Everdred here, the greatest thief of Ness's time. Later, he holds a Wad of Bills for you. It is unknown what the actual value of this item is, but it is used to get the Runaway Five out of debt.

You can also purchase a "For Sale" sign here. It allows you to summon customers from no where to buy items you no longer need, and you'll get money from it. They won't just take it off of your hands, but pay you for it instead.

[edit] Name

In Mother 2, this park was known as "Nusutto Park". "Nusutto" in Japanese means "Burglar", hence "Burglin Park" in Earthbound. Since it is home to the greatest thief in the world, it has a name relating to him as well.

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