Bottle Rockets

Bottle Rockets are items that only Loid and Jeff can use. Anybody can hold these, but they are the only ones who can use them. There are different variations, such as the Multi-Bottle Rocket and the Big Bottle Rocket. These are usually obtained from the Agent Man in various towns. He sells many explosives, including these.

[edit] Bottle Rocket

This is the weakest Bottle Rocket in the game. The price of the Bottle Rockets is low, so you can buy many of them. You can only use them in battle. They aren't very useful without multiples, which is where the Multi-Bottle Rocket comes in. These do about 100 damage.

[edit] Big Bottle Rockets

These are more expensive and harder to find in the open than regular bottle rockets. Jeff comes with one at the beginning of the game, and they can also be bought from the Agent Man. They do about 400 damage.

[edit] Multi-Bottle Rockets

These are the most powerful bottle rockets in Earthbound. They hit all enemies for [approximate damage needed], and are only sold by Agent Men. These bottle rockets are extremely useful later in the game.

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