Boogey Tent

Ness, Paula, and Jeff about to battle the Boogey Tent.

The Boogey Tent (Also called the Zombie Tent) is a tent with sharp fangs and evil eyes. It is basically a lot of stripes and other things. It can only be fought once in the game, and that is when Threed is haunted by Zombies. It is located in the southern part of Threed.

[edit] Appearance

The Boogey Tent only appears in Earthbound. While you are on the Overworld, you will see that the Boogey Tent is a normal tent. When you talk to it, it will grow eyes and a mouth, then battle you. The Battle Sprite is not very different from the Overworld Sprite, as the tent's form now blends with the background. The general look is still the same though. When it is defeated, the sprite's hex code changes into a trash can. It will give you the Jar of Fly Honey.

[edit] Strategy

This monster is weak to PSI Fire, so PSI Fire Β is a smart move to use when you are battling it. Jeff will not be very good with physical attacks at this time, so buy him some Big Bottle Rockets. The monster can be defeated in 2 or 3 turns using this strategy. Ness doesn't have to do much of anything in this battle. Maybe PSI Rockin α. This monster will fight you with common moves, and does not have any PSI. His attacks will normally do 80 damage on a low-level character, 50 on a normal, and maybe 20 on a high. His defense is in the medium zone, so he isn't too hard to defeat.

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