Place of BirthTazmily Village
OwnerFlint, and later, Lucas
Appears inMother 3

Boney is Flint's, and later Lucas's, pet dog. Unlike the other four main playable characters of the game, he never has his own story, nor is he ever alone. Despite not being a major main character, he has incredible speed in battle, and his collars give him great offensive and defensive boosts. Boney only gets one weapon, and it is found at the end of the game. It's called the Canine Weapon, and gives him a +15 attack in offense.

He does however, Gets a small segment where you control him and find the Jar of Yummy Pickles for one of the Magypsies that somebody dropped in the mountains. After running around and finding many items, you'll find this, and take it to Lucas.

[edit] Appearances

Boney first becomes a playable character when Flint goes searching for his family, following Flint and assisting him in battle. He brings Duster, Wess' son, in order for him to help Flint in his search. Afterwards, he joins Lucas, Kumatora and Duster on their journey to defeat the Masked Man and find Claus. Mother 3 is currently the only game that Boney has ever appeared in.

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