Awesome Ring

Awesome Ring
Awesomering.png The Awesome Ring is Lucas' best accessory
Defense +30, PP +30
Equipable by: Lucas.

[edit] Aquiring

The Awesome Ring is easy to obtain. All you have to do is open the box in one of the stalls in New Pork City. However, it's the guardian of the ring that gives the trouble. It's not a boss, but it's worse. It's the Ultimate Chimera. Wait one second after entering the stall, and the Ultimate Chimera will kill you, due to the cramped space in the stall.

[edit] Strategy

When you think about it, obtaining the ring is a simple task. Here is how you go about doing it:

First, enter the stall the Chimera is in. I believe it is in the third room, at the stall on the very end. Once you enter, if the room has the Chimera, turn back and exit IMMEDIATLY. If the room doesn't have the Chimera, then move onto the next row and look for it on the last stall at the end of a row.

Once you find it, leave immediatly. Now, enter another stall, or exit the room, and re-enter. The Chimera has broken down the door, and is patrolling the area. Dash towards the stall, but make sure the Chimera is far enough away so it doesn't reach you. Now, open the box, and dash out of the stall. Head towards the next row (recommended you find it first), and you've got yourself one of Lucas' ultimate pieces of equipment.

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