Ana clay model.png
Place of BirthSnowman
AgeYoung Teens
WeaponFry Pan
Appears inMother

Ana is the second person to join Ninten's party. Unlike EarthBound, where the PSI user joins first then the genius, in Mother 1, Loid was first.

[edit] Life

Ana is a girl with PSI powers living with her Dad in Snowman. Her mother was missing and she had a dream of Ninten appearing, When he does, she joins the party. She is only at level one like Loid though. But because of her you can obtain the Magic Ribbon from a swimming cat in Magicant.

[edit] Abilities

Ana is a PSI user, so her attack power is weak. She has a wide array of PSI and a huge amount of PP, so that isn't much of a problem. She has Telepathy and Teleport as well. She uses a Frying pan as a weapon but it doesn't do much damage anyway. She learns PSI Fire Ω and PSI Beam, which will instantly defeat an enemy.

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