Aeolia is one of the Magypsy, a race that holds the Dark Dragon beneath the Nowhere Islands with the power of their Needles. She seems to be the leader, As their tea parties are held in His/her house. She never seems to get out of her chair.

[edit] Appearances

Aeolia is first seen when Alec and Flint are searching for Claus. Aeolia says that s/he sent Claus off with a Powerful PSI Technique. (S)he is not seen until Ionia brings Lucas and company to Aeolia, who begins to disappear. (S)he remarks that it's needle was being pulled. It is revealed that the Masked Man was responsible for this. Aeolia leaves it's memento, a Razor and Lipstick.

[edit] Needle

Aeolia's needle is found in the courtyard of Osohe Castle. It binds the Dragon's belly button.

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