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Welcome to the Mother/EarthBound Wiki!

Welcome to the Mother/EarthBound NeoWiki!

Welcome to the Mother / EarthBound Wiki - this wiki is a community maintained repository of information regarding the characters, episodes, and more about the Mother series of games, also known as EarthBound. Our ultimate goal is to become the best source of all Mother/EarthBound information on the internet, and we can only achieve this goal with your help. The Mother NeoWiki and community encourages everyone to participate and edit the Wiki, whether you have experience or not. You can help out by creating one of our Wanted Pages, or you can help fill up one of the Short Pages with more information.

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Ness is the lead protagonist in Mother 2. He is a boy who lives in an small town called Onett. He lives comfortably as an average American family with a mother, father and sister (Tracy). His life takes a drastic change when he is woken up by a meteor crash. After receiving a message from Buzz Buzz, he decides to venture away from home to fulfill his destiny and discover his own PSI powers.

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As of November 15 2018, this NeoWiki currently has 281 articles and 172 images. Help us make this NeoWiki even better by looking at our Wanted pages!

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