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Flint clay.jpg
Place of BirthUnknown
AgeUnknown but is an Adult
FamilyLucas and Claus (Sons) Hinawa (Wife) Alec (Father-in-Law)
Abilities/SkillsBrute force
Appears inMother 3

Flint is Claus's and Lucas's dependable father, and he is husband to Hinawa.

[edit] Appearance in Story

Flint is recruited by Thomas to help put out the fire in the Sunshine Forest. Flint helps, and they enter the burning forest.

Further into the area, Flint and Thomas see a weakened Lighter. The fireflies nearby are the source of his injuries. He says that Fuel is still trapped inside their house. Flint defeats the fireflies, and goes to rescue Fuel. They bring him to Lighter, and Flint rests at the Yado Inn.

When his family goes missing after they were due back home, Flint goes to search for them. Flint journeys up the mountain to meet Alec, and takes him along as well. They next go on a journey to search for them. After they are found, Flint goes into an angry rage, for Hinawa is found dead, and the kids are found alive, but sad. Bronson finds a Drago Fang inside Hinawa's body, which means that a Drago killed her. Flint lashes out on the residents, but Lighter knocks him out with his four-by-four.

Flint appears in the Tazmily Prison. He is stuck inside until Cloud brings him an apple with a nail file hidden inside. Flint breaks out with it, and goes to Hinawa's grave, where Lucas is still crying. He learns from Lucas that Claus took a homemade knife to avenge their mother. Flint gets the Drago Fang from Bronson, and heads for the Drago Plateau with Alec.

Upon arrival, the duo see a baby Drago nibbling on Claus' shoe. They proceed to find his other shoe further in the plateau. A Mecha Drago appears, and they fight it. Upon defeat, Flint prepares to kill it, but is stopped by Alec.

Flint appears with Boney once Duster is accused of stealing DP. He tells everyone to search for the missing Duster.

Once the Porky Mechs are defeated, Flint appears, and is accidentally dragged to the basement of New Pork City, where the final needle waits. Flint goes ahead first, and tries to fight the Masked Man. Lucas and company see his hat fly by, and they find him injured. He says that Lucas has to be the one to pull it, and that he's as bald as a bean, if pressed enough. After Lucas replies to that comment, Flint asks when Lucas became such a bitter person.

Once Lucas and the Masked Man fight, Flint takes two PK Love Ωs, which causes him to collapse after taking fatal damage. He isn't seen in this game anymore, but it is known he survives, because he talks to you after you see the Armageddon.

[edit] Abilities

Flint has no PSI but has four special moves. They are: Swing, Power smash, Strengthen Up and Toughen Up.

Swing hits all enemies once.
Power Smash has a small success rate but deals a "SMAAAAAAAASH!" hit when it does.
Strengthen Up will increase Flint's strength, while Toughen Up increases his defense. As with almost every stat increasing move, you can only use these once unless the enemy has also decreased your defense.
He has a high attack power, but is only usable for chapter 1 of the game.

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