Absolutely Safe Capsule

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The Absolutely Safe Capsule was created by Dr. Andonuts for Porky. He uses it when Lucas and co. are fighting him. When he is beaten, he will move into the ASC. It was just a prototype, so it could never be opened, and nobody could ever leave. Porky's Time Machine was already destroyed, so it was impossible to escape and anyone inside is unable to do anything to anything outside. If you talk to Dr. Andonuts enough, he'll start to roll the ASC to prove it is safe.

The Absolutely Safe Capsule; in it your absolutely safe. Everyone else is absolutely safe from who is in it as well.

It is being questioned if it and the Ultimate Chimera survived the Armageddon, being completely invincible. It is possible that the capsule survived the Armageddon, as an object is said to be rolling with glee after the Armageddon.

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